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The reason why work generator is stopped

Enigma@Home - Št, 20.04.2017 - 01:04
I have stopped the work generator because IMO it does not make sense to continue the batch that runs with the original ("naval") dictionary set, where upgraded dictionary sets have already failed with similar number of target restarts. IMO it's better to try with another dictionary set and tweaked app. Both cases, however, require major upgrades on the server side - for performance reasons, I have removed some of the functionalities it originally had and now I have to add them back. It's going to take 2-4 weeks because my job leaves me very little spare time. I'm also going to clean the database from any leftovers, there are still over 20k workunits in the db, probably most of them are broken WUs that accumulated over time (at some point there was a sudden failure of SSD drive where the database filesystem is located, it was replaced by RAID5 setup with the data restored from backup, but ~4500 workunits/results ended in messed up state). I'll wait a few days and then all the orphaned workunits / results will be removed. Also, all future (larger) batches will be split into a group of smaller sub-batches. While the batch is running, the server requires access to all the results that were returned and if the database gets to big, performance suffers. It also makes creating 'offline' backups harder due to the amount of data in the db dump. In a few days I'll post downloadable results from the previous batches in case anyone wants to take a look.
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An important note for Windows XP users

GPUGRID - Po, 17.04.2017 - 22:19
Dear all, GPUGRID will stop supporting Windows XP in April 2018 Every version of the science application we have to maintain costs us time and effort, and it's important that we focus our resources where they can give us the best return. Building and testing Windows XP versions our applications is increasingly difficult now the OS is unsupported by both Microsoft and NVIDIA. There are now fewer than 20 Windows XP machines crunching on GPUGrid, out of a total of over 2500, and it's difficult to justify on-going engineering effort for a small fraction of our capacity. Sadly, this means that it's time for us to stop supporting Windows XP. The recent update to the application will be the last, and will cease to work one year from now. After that time work will only be issued to hosts running Windows 7+ or Linux. If this affects you, please accept my apologies. Your contribution has been greatly appreciated, and I hope that you'll continue to support us. Matt
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App update 17 April 2017

GPUGRID - Po, 17.04.2017 - 21:49
Dear All, If you've been following other threads on the forums, you'll know that the Windows versions of the science application have recently been updated. There are now two versions, 849 (CUDA 6.5) and 918 (CUDA 8.0), which will be assigned to hosts as follows: * 849 - Windows XP (32 or 64 bit) and any GPU >= sm 3.0 - Any 64bit Windows with a Kepler 3.0 device * 918 - Any 64bit Windows, Vista or later with any GPU > sm 3.0 and driver >= 370.0 The peculiar exception for sm 3.0 devices is due to a compiler problem with CUDA 80 that affects only that hardware version. When that's fixed, hosts with a non-XP Windows will get 918. If you see any behaviour that deviates from this, please report it here. If you think you should be getting work, but aren't please check that your system complies with the above, in particular the driver revision and that the OS is 64 bit.
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Where we get the data

SETI@Home - Ut, 11.04.2017 - 01:06
Thanks for helping us analyze Breakthrough Listen data from the Green Bank Telescope! Berkeley SETI engineer Dave MacMahon takes us behind the scenes into the server room at Green Bank where the Listen instrument lives, and we also interview Green Bank director Karen O'Neil about keeping computers cool in our latest video:

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