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The experimental QC for W10 is now called QC_beta

Ut, 20.02.2018 - 17:09
Another attempt... instructions here
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Experimental QC app for Windows 10

Ne, 18.02.2018 - 18:37
Dears, have a test QC app for Windows 10. QC relies on the PSI4 software which does not have a Windows version. Therefore, we'll rely on WSL (Windows Subsystem Linux - a nice lightweight Linux-like environment to run native apps inside Windows), provided by Microsoft in the recent version of Windows 10. Unfortunately I don't think there is a way to prevent the distribution to non-W10 and non-WSL hosts. Therefore, to run QC tasks, the first time only you will have to prepare the environment as follows...
  1. Enable WSL. The procedure unfortunately varied over time, the most current being here
  2. Install the Ubuntu distribution via the App store (it is free of course).
  3. Launch the newly-installed Ubuntu command line via its icon. It will request a password for a new user being created. Provide one.
  4. Now you have a working Ubuntu environment. As for the native ones, manual installation of the gcc package is required. So, in the Ubuntu bash prompt, execute the following commands (the prompt reads like "(your_chosen_user)@MACHINENAME:path") sudo apt update sudo apt install gcc

(Of course, if you already have WSL installed, you will just need step 4.) Technical details: In addition to the normal Boinc project and slot directories, the app will use space in the /tmp/gpugrid_miniconda directory inside your WSL installation (not directly accessible from Windows). Unlike the Linux app, the space is not automatically cleaned up when you uninstall BOINC or reset the project. To clear it, either uninstall Ubuntu, or remove it from the Ubuntu prompt.

Kategórie: Novinky z projektov