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BOINC Pentathlon and Manual Credit

Ne, 22.04.2018 - 16:47
For two weeks next month, From May 5th until May 19th, the annual BOINC Pentathlon will be happening. In the past PrimeGrid has been fortunate to be chosen as one of the disciplines, and we're once again in the running for this year's Pentathlon. It has come to our attention that our manual credit system has been used in the past to try and game the Pentathlon's scoring system. We've also noticed several people who seem to be planning on doing that this year. We don't like cheaters. Neither do most of you. We believe in providing a level playing field. In order to both prevent cheating and to discourage people from even trying, we will be turning off the manual credit system during the Pentathlon. You'll still be able to earn manual credit during the Pentathlon, but it won't be applied until after the 19th. All this is predicated on PG being part of the Pentathlon. If not, it doesn't matter. But for the purposes of argument we're assuming we will be. The discussion thread for this topic is located here.
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New LLR apps

Ut, 17.04.2018 - 05:57
We have upgraded the version of LLR used on all of our LLR projects to LLR v.3.8.21. As with the previous version of LLR, it is available in 32 and 64 bit versions for Windows and Linux, and 64 bits for Mac OS. This release has two major features: * Support for AVX/FMA3 on AMD Ryzen CPUs. You can expect about a 10% increase in speed on Ryzen processors as compared to earlier versions of LLR. * A rare bug that sometimes caused errors when using multithreading has been corrected. If you are using app_info.xml (aka anonymous platform) please upgrade to the latest LLR. The wrapper is unchanged. Upgrading is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended. If you are not using app_info.xml, you will automatically get the new version with your next LLR task and no action is necessary on your part. If you're not sure if you're using app_info.xml you're almost certainly not using it, and no action is necessary.
Kategórie: Novinky z projektov