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The latest news about World Community Grid
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September Update: Mapping Cancer Markers

Ut, 22.09.2020 - 21:26
Mapping Cancer Markers currently has a healthy backlog of work for volunteers, with more expected to come.
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September Update: OpenPandemics - COVID-19

Št, 17.09.2020 - 18:15
The researchers and the World Community Grid tech team are continuing their work to get the project working on GPU.
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September Update: Help Stop TB

St, 16.09.2020 - 18:44
The Help Stop TB researchers will soon have an additional team member to help with data analysis for a couple of months.
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Open-source software program helps power 30 years of progress in computational research

Po, 14.09.2020 - 18:42
AutoDock, the software program that powers OpenPandemics and other World Community Grid projects, was created 30 years ago at Scripps Research. Learn more about this powerful software in this article and the attached, recently-published research paper.
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September Update: FightAIDS@Home

Pi, 11.09.2020 - 18:52
The researchers are in the early stages of exploring new possibilities for the next phase of the project.
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